Car Security

Protect your vehicle with the latest Car Alarm. You can even track your vehicle on your smart phone with GPS tracking. If its remote start your require then drop into SSV Street Sound Vision professional advise. We also install all our products.

$119.00 $85.00

SKU: 1505T

Viper 1505T Battery Back-up Siren

$289.00 $239.00

SKU: 3105VR

Viper 3105VR Entry Level 1-Way Security System

$349.00 $329.00

SKU: 3305VR

Viper 3305VR 2-Way Security System 3305V

$379.00 $368.00

SKU: 3606V

Viper 3606V Security System car alarm

$129.00 $93.50

SKU: 488V

Viper 488V LED 2-Way Remote

$69.00 $50.00

SKU: 506T

Viper 506T Glass Break Sensor

$99.00 $89.00

SKU: 508d

Directed 508d Dual Zone Motion Sensor

$89.00 $85.00

SKU: 529T

DEI 529T Power Window Module

$499.00 $479.00

SKU: 5606VR

Viper 5606VR 1-Way Security + Remote Start System

$549.00 $499.00

SKU: 5806VR

Viper 5806VR 2-Way LED Security With Remote Start

$799.00 $665.00

SKU: 5906VR

Viper 5906VR 2-Way OLED Colour Security with Remote Start


SKU: 600-BBS092VR

Brigade White Sound Reversing Alarm - BBS92


SKU: 620V

Viper Electro-Luminescent Indicator 620V


SKU: 695kit

Cyclops 695Kit CanBus Upgrade Alarm

$249.00 $239.00

SKU: 700VR

Viper 700VR OEM Upgrade Security System

$99.00 $85.00

SKU: 7153V

Viper 7153V 1-Way SuperCode Remote


SKU: 7254V

Viper 7254V Responder LE 2-Way Remote

$199.00 $185.00

SKU: 7345V

Viper 7345V Responder LCD Remote