UHF Radio

$379.95 $369.00


GME TX3120S Plug ‘N’ Play Super Compact UHF CB Radio

$499.00 $465.00


GME XRS-330C XRS™ Connect Super Compact Hideaway

$1,787.00 $1,573.00

SKU: toyotaroofconsole_

Roof Console & UHF Pack to suit Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series


SKU: uh5060-at880twin

Uniden UH5060 Mini UHF CB Mobile with Uniden AT880 TWIN Antenna

$279.95 $252.00

SKU: TX3100

GME TX3100 5 Watt Super Compact UHF CB Radio

$329.95 $295.00

SKU: TX3100PlugNPlay

GME TX3100 Plug N Play

$409.95 $370.00

SKU: TX3500S

GME TX3500S DSP Compact UHF CB radio with ScanSuite

$469.95 $424.00

SKU: TX3510S

GME TX3510S Compact fully featured UHF CB with ScanSuite

$529.95 $478.00

SKU: TX3520S

GME TX3520S Remote head fully featured UHF CB with ScanSuite

$529.95 $479.00

SKU: TX4600

GME TX4600 Waterproof UHF CB Radio

$519.95 $479.00

SKU: TX6500S

GME TX6500S 5 Watt IP67 rated UHF CB handheld Radio

$144.95 $129.00


GME TX665TP 1 watt UHF handheld CB radio, TWIN pack

$214.95 $195.00


GME TX675TP 2 watt UHF two way handheld CB radio, twin pack

$379.95 $369.00

SKU: UH8050S

Uniden UH8050S DIN Mount Size UHF CB Mobile with Masterscan


SKU: UH5000_AT450

Uniden UH5000 UHF & Uniden AT-450 Aerial

$229.95 $219.00

SKU: UH5040

Uniden UH5040 Compact Size UHF CB Mobile - 80 Channels