ASV 6.5" Front & Rear Door Speaker Panel With Focal 165AC Speakers To Suit 79 Series Dual Cab Toyota Landcruiser



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These custom lower door panels made to suit into the Front & Rear doors of 79 Series Dual Cab (4 Door UTE) Landruisers and enhance the look of the interior. This kit comes with set of 6.5" 165AC Front & Rear Focal Speakers

The panels are needed for any of these variations that do not have a quarter glass window in the front doors as there is not enough depth with a full window. The 79 series all have a full window and will need the panels, but they will still fit any of the older models and give a much better finish than putting the speaker directly into the door.

The Access 165 AC coaxial kit puts Focal sound in your car with no fuss. Measuring 6½" (165mm) in diameter and with 60 W rated power, this kit is easily fitted for an effective, responsive audio system.

This car audio kit marks access to the performance world: remarkable power handling, deep bass and extremely dynamic sound. All this is possible thanks to numerous Focal technical innovations and a new choice of specific materials.


  • Focal 165AC Speakers are included in this kit (To Suit Front & Rear Doors)
  • Colour: These panels come standard as a Toyota grey colour. 

Select Optional Items:

  • If your vehicle has door pockets, they can be removed from the door card and refitted to our panels (as pictured). If your vehicle does not have door pockets, they can be purchased separately as described in the below land cruiser models.
  • If you have an LC79 Single cab or Dual cab, 76 Series, 78 Series Workmate from 2009 - Current you will need map pockets for both front doors.
  • If you have an LC79 Single cab or Dual cab, 76 Series, 78 Series GXL from 2009- early 2020 you do not need map pockets as you can reuse the factory ones supplied on the car from new.
  • If you have an LC79 Single cab or Dual cab, 76 Series, 78 Series GXL from late 2020 - Current you will need 1x map pocket for the passenger door as toyota now sell them with an integrated cup holder and that wont work with Cruiser Consoles door pods.


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