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SmartKey VSK100

With the Viper SmartKey module, you will never have to press a button to get into your vehicle again. All you need is your smartphone in your pocket or purse.

Here’s how it works:

Install the Viper SmartKey as a standalone unit to lock and unlock your doors, or add it to virtually any Viper security or remote start system allowing you to control your car with your smartphone.

As you approach your car, the Bluetooth system in your phone connects with the VSK100 automatically.

No keys. No fobs. No launching apps.

Using the SmartKey is simple and fast, because it connects via Bluetooth® technology for direct, short-range communication with your vehicle. You can use SmartKey by itself, or with any compatible Viper SMARTSTART system to ensure access to your vehicle using your smartphone even when you’re out of cellular coverage.

Key Features:

     Unlocks your doors and disarms the system as you approach your car

     Locks your doors and arms the system as you walk away from your car

     Compatible with most Viper security or remote start systems

     No service plan required





Model # VSK100
Brand Viper
Shipping Weight 0.4000kg
Shipping Width 0.110m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.150m

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