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Viper 5706VR Security with Remote Start & Smartraq GPS Tracking & Accessories

Accessories included - 506T & 507M

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Viper 5706VR Responder 2-Way LCD Security with Remote Start 5706 - Click here for more info

Viper VSQ500 Smartraq GPS Tracking - Click here for more details 

Viper 506T Glass Break Sensor​ - Click here for more details

Viper 507M Digital Tilt Motion Sensor​ ​ - Click here for more details

5706VR Responder LC3 is Vipers’ the 3rd generation of Responder systems complete with SST remote. Up to 1.5km operating range, new Priority icons and text seen on a 20% larger liquid-crystal display, an on-board lithium-ion rechargeable battery with mini-USB recharging – all in the slimmest display remote on the market.

Some of the many New Technology Platform features incorporated into the system include:

  • D2D Serial Data Port – Gives installers plug-and-play connection to all the other XPRESSKIT interfaces
  • Virtual Tach – No tachometer wire connection required
  • Flex Relays On-board for Remote Start and Light Flash – eliminates the need for additional relays 80% of the time
  • Control Centre – combines the Status LED and Valet Switch with the 2-way Antenna, making the switch easy to locate, and eliminating drilling of any holes in the dash
  • Priority User Interface and Features – including SmartStart™, Timer Start, Runtime Reset, TempCheck and Silent Mode2 siren-less arming modes

Stay in touch with your vehicle at all times with Responder LC3!

Viper VSQ500 Smartraq GPS Tracking


·         24/7 Live GPS Vehicle Tracking & Reporting

·         Viper Smartraq App

·         Extensive Alerts (Theft, Geofence, Speed, Location, Battery)

·         ESP2 Security Interface for Compatible Viper Alarms

·         2x Inputs (Alarm Trigger, Shock Sensor)

·         2x Outputs (Door Unlock, Door Lock)

·         Compatible with 12v & 24v vehicles

·         Remote Start Button

·         Panic Button

·         Includes GSM Module, GPS Antenna and Wiring Harness

Flexible Annual Subscription Packages.


Live GPS & Speed Request Live Vehicle Location GPS Trip Start & Trip End Points Multiple Users Per Account Trip History 14 Days Push Notifications Low Battery Alert Live Ignition Status (Also via Portal) Current Speed Display (Also via Portal) Live Battery Voltage Reading Activity History Alarm Input* ESP Connectivity* Remote Start ESP* Secure GPS

Includes all Secure GPS features Detailed Trip Information Trip Line Draw Trip History 365 Days Geofence Alerts Scheduled Geofence (Time Base) Speed Limit Alert (HERE Maps) Speed Alert Harsh Braking Harsh Acceleration Alarm Alert – Movement without Ignition Lockdown Feature (Ignition ON) Trip Summary Reports (Date, Time, Start, End) Scheduled Summary Report


Viper 506T Audio Glass Break Sensor

Enhance the security of any install with an optional audio sensor, which detects tampering and breaking of the vehicle’s glass using a microphone and a microprocessor, which analyzes the frequency, intensity and timing of intrusion sounds to eliminate false alarms. Detects even “soft breaks” where the glass is shattered quietly, which might not trigger the shock sensor. The 506T adds an additional layer of protection.

507M Digital Tilt Motion Sensor

The 507M Digital Tilt Sensor from Directed is ideal for protecting a vehicle from theft by detecting when the vehicle is being raised by a tow truck or lifted using a jack, in an attempt to remove the wheels or tow the vehicle. The 507M auto calibrates each time the alarm is armed, referencing the vehicle’s angle of inclination and ensuring the most accurate tilt sensing possible. The 507M is perfect for protecting vehicles with upgraded wheels and tires.


SKU 5706v_vsq500_506t_507m
Model # 5706v
Brand Viper

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