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MRC83 Mongoose M80 Series Replacement Car Alarm Remote Control

Replacement Remote control


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Mongoose M80 Series Replacement Car Alarm Series Remote Control

*** Remote Control ONLY***

M80 Series

Part# MRC83G - Green LED - 303Mhz
2009 to mid 2011
Part# MRC83R - Red LED - 433Mhz
Current - from mid 2011

Battery type: CR2032 x 1

Not interchangable with each other. The above frequencies are allocated by NZ Radio Service for 'short duration transmission' vehicle security use. Compliance N4096 Z333

A new remote has to be memorised into your security system for it to operate - this is called 'code learning'. The coding instructions can be found in your owners manual (which you can download from our website if yours is misplaced) or is detailed below.

  • To learn new remotes to M80 models:

    • Disarm by existing remote, or use the override
    • Open the drivers door and leave open
    • Turn the ignition ON/OFF 3 times – siren chirps
    • Press arm button on first remote (siren chirps)
    • Press arm button on second remote (siren chirps)
    • Repeat for any other remotes
    • Wait 10 seconds for learning process to complete


SKU Mrc83
Model # mrc83
Brand Mongoose

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